Gender representation in 21st century advertising
Girona, May 25-26 2009



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Forum of Gender
Venue: La Mercè Cultural Center. Girona
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17071 Girona
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Our congress intends to be a meeting point where we will be able to exchange ideas and reflect on gender violence, stereotypes and identity from the point of view of advertising messages and according to approaches the media effects theory and the reception theory.

Our goals will be the following:

  • To offer new identity models of the individual and the community for media professionals, so that they will be able to take advantage of the gender approach in order to effectively promote a more equal society . 
  • To reflect from a theoretical and a practical point of view on the iconic and audiovisual content of today's media, and on the new social imaginaries linked to the so-called "iconization of culture" and to a stereotypical and biassed notion of gender.
  • To identify the transmission mechanisms of stereotypes and sexist images in media discourse, with a strong emphasis on advertising discourse.
  • To realise the relevance of equality in order to solve the gender conflicts that still exist in our society.
  • to share knowledge of new currents in advertising which focus on gender discourse as a fruitful concept for its endeavors.
  • To reflect on the implications that gender representation in today's advertising may have for fashion, health and issues related to food.
  • To suggest new strategies in universitary learning that may project balanced and fair images of society, free from all kinds of gender discrimination.
  • To convey information on the role of the internet in advertising strategies related to gender representation.