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Logo Universitat de Girona




Primer Congrés  Joventut i Societat

Telèfon: 972 418320
(Dilluns, dimecres i divendres de 9h a 14h)
Facultat d’Educació i Psicologia
C/ Emili Grahit, 77
17071 GIRONA


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Màster interuniversitari de Joventut i Societat


Agència Catalana de la Joventut
Secretaria de Joventut
Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación  
Ajuntament de Girona
Facultat d'educació i Psicologia
Departament de Pedagogia
El Galliner



The risk society is talked about very much these days and a lot of emphasis has been placed in different areas on the relationship between youth and risk. These debates include everything from nearly essentialist positions that understand risk as an intrinsic element of youth to positions that believe that youths should be protected, in anyway possible, from this risk society. We believe, though, that there is a lack of meaningful debate about what risk means, what role it plays and which values we attribute to it, in society as a whole and in terms of youth development processes. The theoretical-methodological perspectives from which risk is analysed and the utility of hegemonic discourses about its prevention must also be debated. In short, we will question and problematise the relationships commonly established between youths and risk in order to go beyond stereotypes and attempt to understand the meaning of such a heralded association.

These and other associated issues are what we want to deal with in this Conference. To that end we are counting on the participation of prominent international and national experts, together with the students and lecturers of the Joint Masters in Youth and Society, and anyone else interested in taking part in it.


18th June

Auditorium – Conference Centre of Girona

Passeig de la Devesa, 35,  17001-GIRONA

19th and 20th June

Authorize education and psychology- UdG

Emili Grahit street, 77, 17071- GIRONA

Dates: 18 - 20 June 2009

Officer congress laungages:

Catalan, spanish and english