Gender representation in 21st century advertising
Girona, May 25-26 2009



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Forum of Gender
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17071 Girona
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Paper presentations will be organised in parallel sessions. Each session will be led by a chairperson, who will help with the analysis of all the papers presented.

Papers must be submitted within the established deadline, so that session chairpersons will be able to summarize the contents of each session and present the main topics that may lead to an engaging debate.

All attendants to the Conference are welcome in each and every session.

The most relevant ideas and conclusions will be gathered by the chairpersons and presented at the closing session of the Conference.


Requirements for papers

Papers must fit one of the thematic focuses of the Conference.

They will be assessed by the Scientific Committee.

During the assessment process, special attention will be paid to the following aspects:  

  • Clear definition of objectives
  • Coherence of the content
  • Well defined conclusions
  • Presence of innovative elements
  • Updated bibliography and documentation
  • Formulation of questions for the debate

At least one of the authors of an accepted paper must be registered for the Conference in order to include their paper in the program and in the ensuing publication.

Paper proposals

Proposals for papers (an abstract with a maximum length of 7,000 characters) should be sent to the Conference Secretary before April 14 2009, using the interface for events administration ConfTool, available through this website.

Received proposals will be assessed by the Scientific Committee of the Conference.

Accepted papers will be posted on the web from April 23 2009 on.

Full text of the accepted papers

The full text of the papers accepted by the Scientific Committee must be submitted to the Secretary of the Conference before May 4 2009, through the interface for events administration ConfTool, as an attached document in .doc, .rtf, .odt or .zip format).

Full texts requirements:

The full texts of the accepted papers must follow the following general guidelines. It is important to read them thoroughly and use this recommended pattern.

They can be sent in .doc, .rtf , .odt or .zip format with a maximum length of 35.000 characters

They must include the folloing sections:

  • Title of the paper
  • Authors of the paper, with the following details about each of them:
    • Name and surnames
    • University/Institution
    • Email address
  • Abstract (2,500 characters maximum)
  • Text of the paper
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography
  • Questions and/or considerations for the discussion


All accepted papers will be published.


Posters can be sent up until 10 May 2009.