Gender representation in 21st century advertising
Girona, May 25-26 2009

Paper presentations


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Paper presentations

Participants can present papers on any of the four main topics of the Congress:

  • Advertising and Gender-based violence


The construction of the female as an advertising lure. The fight against gender-based violence. The persistence of classic stereotypes. Consumerism and gender roles. The feminist view of communication processes.

  • Advertising and identities


Forms of representation and perception of identities. The media construction of identity. Sociological trends in gender representation. The deconstruction of gender in advertising. Criticism of advertising from the “Queer” theory, feminism and other feminisms. New forms of masculinity and advertising. Transexualism and advertising.

  • Advertising of corporal aesthetics and health


The dictates of fashion. Eating disorders. The cult of the body in aesthetic advertising. The advertising of miracle pills. The eroticisation of childhood. The languages of aesthetics.

  • Advertising and Human Rights


The rights and responsibilities of advertising agencies. The extent of advertising law. Equality and cooperation. Advertising strategies in the treatment of gender in NGOs.

Presenters of papers must send in their texts before the appointed deadline so that the moderator of each session can make a summary of the content for  each topic area and draw up questions and identify the most relevant aspects to facilitate a debate on the theme.

Both the authors of the papers and participants of the Congress, will participate in these debate sessions.

The most relevant ideas and conclusions will be gathered by the moderators to contribute to the Closing session of the Congress.