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Tom Sharpe ver. English

Tom Sharpe

Fons Tom Sharpe [ català, español, english ]

Manuel Brunet


On June 2013, Thomas Ridley Sharpe, best known as Tom Sharpe, died in Llafranc. On September 2015 the Universitat de Girona recived the gift of 1.200 books from the British author's personal library, as well as the manuscripts of his literary production, to facilitate their use for teaching and research purposes. 

The library is mainly made up of contemporary English literature works, with an important presence of some of Sharpe's reference authors, such as P. G. Wodehouse, Evelyn Waugh or John Buchan, as well as of his published works and their translations to different languages.  

In Tom Sharpe's archive we find he original manuscripts of his works, with their different versions and drafts, as well as the cinema and television adapted scripts of his novels, all of them with handwritten notes by the author.

This collection will allow readers and researchers to approach, from original documents, the personality and work of this English satirical novelist, who lived an intense life and spent his last 20 years in the Costa Brava.




Location: Barri Vell Campus Library (Universitat de Girona)

Source: Gift of the Sharpe Family and Dr. M. Verdaguer

Accession date: 2015

Cite as: Fons Tom Sharpe (Universitat de Girona)

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