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Programa de Desenvolupament del Capital Social a la Universitat

What is Social Capital?


Esperança Villar Hoz                                                    
Beatriu Caparrós Caparrós        





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What is Social Capital?

The concept of Social Capital is normally used to refer to trust relationships created in social networks which promote cooperation, facilitate activity coordination, and back the achievement of individual and collective goals.



In complex and interdependent environments such as those facing universities today, the different institutional functions cannot possibly be developed through individual action. The cooperative action of the different agents is required in order to establish joint goals and objectives, creating strategies and resources, coordinating collective action on the basis of trust relationships that make up the social capital of the university.

When individuals voluntarily join networks, they learn to trust each other on the basis of repeated interactions, promoting the creation of trust relationships and social norms such as honesty, reciprocity, or cooperation, which are spread via networks, and to the rest of society.