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Programa de Desenvolupament del Capital Social a la Universitat

Social Capital Development Programme


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Social Capital Development Programme at the University

As members of the Research Group into Psychological Processes and Psychopathology of the University of Girona we are carrying out a line of work on Social Capital construction in universities, and more specifically, on what motivates different institutional agents to generate value in the social networks in which they take part.


This interest originated in previous studies carried out by our group on the adaptation processes of students to university, the analysis of the prevalence of affective symptoms in this group, or the study of social and professional placements of university graduates. The extraordinary importance of the support, links and availability of social resources in adaptation processes, individual motivation and behaviour has been confirmed in all these cases.


Based on these studies, we set out to study systematically the intentional processes of social linking in university contexts with the final aim of contributing knowledge and making specific proposals to try to enhance the personal, academic and socio-professional development of students as well as the rest of the members of the university community.


With this proposal in mind, we applied for scholarships from the Ministry of Education within the Admission period for action grants charged to the Study and Analysis Programme, destined to quality improvement in higher education and university teaching activities in 2005 (reference EA2005-0092) and 2008 (reference EA2008-0241), which have permitted the research that will serve as a basis for the programme and for the development of this website.


It is a project that we intend to develop as the research progresses. We wish to incorporate new activities and materials, and also hope for constructive collaboration from whoever wishes to make a contribution.