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Programa de Desenvolupament del Capital Social a la Universitat

Programme Structure


Esperança Villar Hoz                                                    
Beatriu Caparrós Caparrós        





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Laura Camps

Eva Manzano

Mariano Prior

Susana Romero



Programme Structure

The programme is directed fundamentally at the following groups:

  • Students and professors: we hope to raise awareness and give guidance on how to develop trust relationships aimed at increasing individual and collective Social Capital.
  • Supervisors in charge of internships in companies and organizations collaborating with the University: they can facilitate socialization and acculturation processes, relationships and learning, regarding both the formal work carried out in the enterprises and by creating informal spaces where students can create contacts and consolidate professional ties.
  • Holders of positions of academic responsibility: Social capital development calls for coordinated actions from all agents and refers, in the first place, to institutional leadership and to commitment to values that promote relationships of fairness, trust, respect and mutual care. In short, it involves incorporating a moral and positive affective framework for university relationships, enabling people to exercise control over their environment and circumstances, to feel accepted, achieve their goals and develop constructive social relationships. The programme aims to compare approaches in this direction and focus its reflection on policies and discourses regarding university relationships.

A small text is proposed for each group (studients, professors, supervisors in charge of internships and holders of positions of academic responsibility) as a means of motivation and justification as well as a set of activities ranked in accordance with the proposed objectives and the theoretical model that serves as a basis for the programme.