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Neodigit – Neolítico digital: Hacia una comprensión global de la adopción de la agricultura en el mundo.
(Digital Neolithic: Towards a global understanding of the adoption of agriculture in the world.)

This is a highly interdisciplinary project that aims to broaden our understanding of the Neolithic transition, one of the most important socioeconomic changes in human history, that took place in all continents and which yielded a global transformation of the culture, technology and social structures. By applying digital modelling techniques and geostatistical analysis, we intend to provide an answer to controversial issues and hypotheses postulated from traditional archaeological studies. We will study the Neolithic in the Iberian Penisnual, as well as in Europe and other regions all over the World; one of the most important aims of this study is to identify processes of population (demic) or cultural expansion beyond Europe, to attempt to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the expansion of agriculture all over the world, and the conditions that favor one or the other transmission process. We will study this point by applying geostatistical analysis to new Early Neolithic databases. In this project we also intend to advance in the understanding of the Neolithic expansion in Europe by developing two computational models destined, on the one hand, to simulate the West Mediterranean expansion (with the main goal of validating the pioneer colonization model), and, on the other hand, to reproduce the genetic clines of Neolithic markers (and to relate them to processes of cultural or demic diffusion). We will work alongside well-known archeologists, geneticists and linguists, all of them experts on the Neotilithic transition.

NeoDigit is a project funded by the Fundación BBVA.