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Scientific coordinator

Elena Roget correu

Web contents manager

Anna Drou correu



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1) To strengthen the transfer of knowledge within the programme.

2) To consider and assess possible future collaborations not only among the participants of the staff exchange programme but within the whole community.


Description of work

Task 2.1: Introductory seminars

Introductory/Overview seminars will be organised coinciding with the arrival at the host institution of a researcher to be introduced to the community. The seminars will be advertised to the public and held at both partner and beneficiary institutions. The aim of these seminars is also to broaden the scientific horizons of local researchers.

Task 2.2: Training seminars

Addressed to a more restricted audience, these seminars will focus mainly on the presentation of protocols or even specific methodological issues. Although some training seminars are already proposed (see B2.1), the scientist in charge of the programme may consider it appropriate to organise other seminars.

Task 2.3: Working seminars

Because of the collaborative work done within the programme it will be interesting to organise working seminars to discuss the scientific problems that arise from the collaborative research ( it might be that some of the same problems have been identified on other projects the researchers have participated in). At least one working seminar will be organised during the next-to-last week of the researchers’ stay. This will also serve to review the strengths and weaknesses of the collaborative research. Researchers will be encouraged to hold as many working seminars as they consider of interest and to open them up to the community, if considered of interest.

Task 2.4: Prospective seminars

Prospective seminars will be held annually at all institutions to evaluate future opportunities. These seminars will include the participation of all the researchers involved in the programme who at the moment are in the host institution, and will be open to the whole community. 



D2.1 Set of Abstracts of the Introductory seminars

D2.2 Set of Summaries of the contents of the Training and Working seminars

D2.3 Reports of the Prospective seminars

Researchers involved