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Vera Rostovtseva

Vera Rostovtseva 

Place of work:

Laboratory of Ocean and Continental Waters Interaction and Anthropogenic Processes
P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS

Professional experience:

Leading researcher, supervisor of students and aspirants.

Topics of interest:

Remote sensing of sea water; dependence of optical sea water properties on main admixtures concentration; comparison of the sea water optical properties in different seas; satellite data processing; tropical cyclones generation investigation on base of satellite microwave radiometry and climatology data.

Active research projects:

ISTC # 3827, CLIMSEAS, RAS project “World Ocean”.

Representative publications:

V.N.Pelevin and V.V.Rostovtseva. Modelling of bio-optical parameters of open ocean waters. – Oceanologia, 43 (4), 2001, 469-477.

V.N.Pelevin and V.V.Rostovtseva. Parameterization of light scattering for solving the inverse problem of determining the concentrations of the principal light scattering and absorbing admixtures in shelf waters. – Oceanologia, 43 (4), 2001, 479-485.

Igor V.Goncharenko and Vera V.Rostovtseva. Satellite microwave scanner radiometry data using for analysis of statistics of tropical cyclones generation criterion in the Atlantic Ocean. - Proceedings of SPIE, 2006, V.6522. 652229.

V.V.Rostovtseva and I.V.Goncharenko. Temporal and spatial statistics of temperature-humidity criterion for tropical cyclones generation in the North Atlantic obtained from satellite microwave radiometry data. – Issledovanie Zemli iz Kosmosa, 2010, in print.