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Vadim Pelevin


Place of work:

Physics Department
P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS

Professional experience:
Topics of interest:

Marine Optics: fluorescent LIDAR researches of natural ocean waters and anthropogenic impact; new scientific equipment development for fluorescent waters analyses.

Active research projects:

Taiwan submarine ground waters discharge research project.

Black Sea coastal waters and river plumes research project.

Aral Sea monitoring and investigation.

Representative publications:

Pelevin V.N., Abramov O.I., Karlsen G.G., Pelevin V.V., Stogov A.M., Khlebnikov D.V. Laser sensing of surface water in the Atlantic Ocean and European seas. Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics , vol. 14, No.08, 2001 p.646-650.

Konovalov B.V., Pelevin V.N., Matiushenko V.A., Khlebnikov D.V., Pelevin V.V., Karlsen G.G., Rostovtseva V.V., Grabovsky A.B. Chlorophyll and dissolved organic matter in the upper layer of Atlantic waters. Integrated studies of the oceans. Project “Meridian” Part 1, the Atlantic Ocean. M.V.Flint (Ed.), Science publ., Moscow 2008, p.205-215.

N.A.Aibulatov, P.O.Zavialov, V.V.Pelevin. Features of self-purification of sea waters near the mouths of rivers in the Russian Black Sea coastal zone. Geoecology No 4, 2008, p.301-310.


Engineer developer of the ultra-violet fluorescent LIDARs UFL-8, UFL-9, which were used in several field expeditions in the Black, Baltic, Aral, South China and Kara Seas for chlorophyll, dissolved organic matter and total suspended matter express online estimations.