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People and Institutions

Suzanne Leroy

Personal webpage:

Place of work:

Institute for the Environment, Brunel University

Professional experience:

1993-1995: Associate director of the core project office of PAGES/IGBP (International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme) at the University of Berne, Switzerland, in charge of the information and organisation of contacts between international specialists. Establishment of research and recommend implementation plan for funding agencies. Editor of PAGES Newsletter. Office funded by US NSF and Swiss NSF.

1998: NI Dev R lecturer B in palaeoecology and environment reconstruction.

Management of past climate change research programs.

2000-2007: Chair at the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences and leader of the “Catastrophic and Environmental Change” Research Group.

Lectureship at the centre for palaeoecology, at Queen's University, Belfast, UK.

Research on palaeoclimates from Holocene lakes of the Middle East, as well on Irish lakes.

2007-present: Chair at the Institute for the Environment (strategic research institute), leader of the “Catastrophic and Environmental Change” Research Group and head of post-graduate research students.

Professor of Geography and Earth Sciences at Brunel University.

Topics of interest:

Palynology palaeo-ecology; palaeoclimatology; biogeography; multi-proxy palaeo-environmental reconstruction; natural hazards, from the Pliocene to the Modern times, from western Mediterranean region to central Asia.

Active research projects:

2010-14: Marie Curie IRSES CLIMSEAS “Climate Change and Inland Seas: Phenomena, Feedback and Uncertainties. The Physical Science Basis”, partner 2.

July 2009-July 2010: Max Plank Institute for Meteorology-Hamburg: ‘Caspian Sea level change for the 21st century’. Application 572-BMBF. K. Arpe and S. Leroy. Computer time: 2500 CPU hours.

From January 2010-2012, Ministry of Education and Sciences, Madrid, Spain on “PALEOFLORA IBÉRICA II: El cambio ecológico como contingencia antropológica”. Leroy is participant, J. Carrion is leader.

Representative publications:

Leroy S.A.G., Zolitschka B., Negendank J. and Seret G., 2000. Palynological analyses in the laminated sediment of Lake Holzmaar (Eifel, Germany): duration of Lateglacial and Preboreal biozones. Boreas (March) 29, 1: 52-71.

Leroy S., Kazancı N., Ileri Ö., Kibar M., Emre O., McGee E. and Griffiths H. I 2002. Abrupt environmental changes within a late Holocene lacustrine sequence south of the Marmara Sea (Lake Manyas, N-W Turkey): possible links with seismic events. Special issue of Marine Geology on "Quaternary Tectonic and Paleoclimatic-Paleoceanographic Evolution of the Marmara Sea and Environs: a collection of papers dedicated to the memories of Drs. Ihsan Ketin and Aykut Barka". Edited by A. Aksu. 190/1-2: 531-552.

Giralt, S., Julià, R., Leroy, S. and Gasse, F. 2003. Cyclic water level oscillations of the KaraBogaz Gol - Caspian Sea system. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 212 (1-2): 225-239.

Marret F., Leroy S., Chalié F. and Gasse F. 2004. New organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts from recent sediments of central Asian seas. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 129: 1– 20.

Kazancı N., Gulbabazadeh T., Leroy S.A.G. and Ileri O., 2004. Sedimentary and environmental characteristics of the Gilan-Mazenderan plain, northern Iran: influence of long- and short-term Caspian water level fluctuations on geomorphology. Journal of Marine Systems 46, 1-4: 145-168.
(translation in Farsi available)

Kazancı N., Leroy S., Ileri Ö., Emre O., Kibar, M. and Öncel, S., 2004. Late Holocene erosion in NW Anatolia from sediments of Lake Manyas, Lake Ulubat and the southern shelf of the Marmara Sea, Turkey. Catena 57: 277-308.

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Hooghiemstra H., Lézine A.-M., Leroy S.A.G., Dupont L. and Marret F., 2006. Late Quaternary palynology in marine sediments: a synthesis of the understanding of pollen distribution patterns in the NW African setting. Quaternary International, 148: 29-44.

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Leroy S.A.G. and Simms M., 2006. Iron Age to Medieval entomogamous vegetation and Rhinolophus hipposideros roost in south-eastern Wales (UK). Special issue on “Advances in the interpretation of pollen and spores in coprolites” ed.: Owen K. Davis. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 237: 4-18.

Leroy S.A.G., 2006. From natural hazard to environmental catastrophe, past and present. Quaternary International. 158-1: 4-12.

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Leroy S.A.G. and Arpe K., 2007. Glacial refugia for summer-green trees in Europe and S-W Asia as proposed by ECHAM3 time-slice atmospheric model simulations. Journal of Biogeography 34, 2115-2128.

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 I am planning to publish my pollen-dinocyst data on 2 long cores from the south Caspian Sea basin covering the last 13,000 years, soon. But the chronology is sticking.

The laboratory of Brunel is equipped with grain size analyzer, Pb counters, pollen, diatom and macrofossil extraction and counting facilities, various geochemistry instruments, facilities for making thin sections, various Bartington magnetic susceptibility probes.