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Scientific coordinator

Elena Roget correu

Web contents manager

Anna Drou correu

People and Institutions

Slava Kremenetskiy


Place of work:

Physical Oceanography Division
P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS

Professional experience:

Senior researcher, vise-head of SIO RAS Black Sea annual expedition.

Topics of interest:

Coastal dynamics; mesoscale and submesoscale structures; wind forcing; anthropogenic impacts; Land-Sea interactions; Black Sea.

Active research projects:

Mechanisms of terrigenous discharge influence on inland and marginal seas – Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR).

Dynamics of River Plumes – Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).

Basin-scale circulation and mesoscale dynamics of the Black Sea: implications for climate (CRDF).

Shelf Processes and their Impact on Plankton Communities in the Black Sea – RAS.

Monitoring Submarine Groundwater Discharges in Taiwan Strait – Water Resources Agency, Taiwan.

Representative publications:

V.V Kremenetskiy, L. N. Rykunov, and B. I. Samolyubov, 1997. Circulation Density Current. // Transactions (Doklady) of Russian Academy of Sciences / Earth Science Section, Vol. 357A, No. 9.

Zatsepin, A.G., Ginzburg, A. I., Kostianoy, A.G., Kremenetskiy, V.V. et al, 2002. Variability of water dynamics in the northeastern Black Sea and its effect on water exchange between the nearshore zone and open basin. – Oceanology, V.42. Suppl1. P.S1-S15.

Zatsepin A.G., Ginzburg A.I., Evdoshenko M.A., Kostianoy A.G., Kremenetskiy V.V. et al, 2002. Mesoscale eddies and horizontal exchange in the Black sea // Moscow, “Nauka”, in book “Multi-disciplinary investigations of the north-east part of the Black Sea.”

Zatsepin A.G., Kremenetskiy V.V., Poyarkov S.G., Ratner Yu.B., Stanichny S.V. 2002. The influence of wind field on the Black Sea circulation // Moscow, “Nauka”, in book “Multi-disciplinary investigations of the north-east part of the Black Sea.”

Andrei Zatsepin, Anna Ginzburg, Andrey Kostyanoy, Vyacheslav Kremenetskiy, Vladimir Krivosheya, Sergey Stanichny, Pierre Poulain 2003. Observation of Black Sea mesoscale eddies and associated horizontal mixing // Journal of Geophysical Research- Oceans, V.108, NoC8, 3246, doi;10.1029/2002JC001390, P.1-27.

Zatsepin A.G., Denisov E.S., Kremenetskiy V.V. et al. 2005. Effect of bottom slope and wind on the near-shore current in a rotating stratified fluid: laboratory modeling for the Black Sea // Oceanology. V.45. Suppl.1. P.S13-S26.

Arashkevich E., Timonin A.G., Zatsepin A.G., Kremenetskiy V.V., Drits A.V., 2005. Effect of the Rim current regime on the zooplankton distribution in the “shelf – slope – deep sea” system in the Black Sea. // Oceanology, 45 (Suppl. 1): 149-160.

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A.G. Zatsepin, A.O. Korzh, V.V. Kremenetskiy, A.G. Ostrovskii, S.G. Poyarkov, D.M. Soloviev, 2008. Investigation of Hydrophysical Processes at the Shelf and Upper Part of Continental Slope of the Black Sea Applying Traditional and New Methods of Observation // Oceanology,. V.48. No.4. P.510-519.

P. O. Zavialov, O. V. Kopelevich, V. V. Kremenetskiy, V. V. Pelevin and A. B. Grabovskiy et al, 2010. A joint Russian-Taiwanese expedition at the shelf of the South China Sea: Searching for manifestations of groundwater discharge to the ocean, Oceanology, Volume 50, Number 4, p. 618-622.