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Scientific coordinator

Elena Roget correu

Web contents manager

Anna Drou correu

People and Institutions


Place of work:

Department of long-range forecasting

Hydrometeorological Research Centre of the Russian Federation

Professional experience:

2008-2012: Technical meteorologist at Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia

2012-present: Research scientist at Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia.

Topics of interest:

Description of atmospheric boundary layer in mesoscale atmosphere models, WRF model validation in ABL, data assimilation.

Active research projects:

RFBR (Russian Foundation for Basic Research) Projects “Development of methods of new types data assimilation in regional atmosphere model”, “Computer system for decision support in the case of radiation Accident near Nuclear Stations”.

Representative publications:

Selected publications:

M.M. Smirnova, K.G. Rubinstein, V.P. Yushkov Evaluation of atmospheric boundary layer characteristics simulated by the regional model. Russian Meteorology and Hydrology, Volume 36, Number 12 (2011), 777-785, DOI: 10.3103/S1068373911120016

M.M. Smirnova, V.P. Yushkov, K.G. Rubinstein, R.D. Kouznetsov Estimations of regional model simulation of temperature and wind profiles in rural and urban atmospheric boundary layer. 7th International Conference on Urban Climate

Rubinstein K.G., E.M. Nabokova, R.Y. Ignatov, M.M. Smirnova, R.V. Arutunyan, V.N. Semyonov, O.S. Sorokovikova, A.V. Fokin and D.A. Pripachkin Calculation of Surface Tracer Concentration by Set of Hydrodynamic Weather Forecast Model and Lagrangian Model of Atmospheric. Dispersion Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering, 2012, A 1, 43-61

Smirnova M.M., Rubinstein K.G. Analysis of examples of data assimilation in regional model WRF-ARW Articles of Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, 2012, Number 347, p 95-112 (in Russian Смирнова М.М., Рубинштейн К.Г. Анализ примеров усвоения данных в региональной модели WRF-ARW Труды Гидрометеорологического научно-исследовательского центра Российской Федерации, 2012, вып. 347, с.95-112.)