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Scientific coordinator

Elena Roget correu

Web contents manager

Anna Drou correu

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Lee Bradley







Place of work:

School of Environmental Sciences
University of Liverpool

Professional experience:

Research associate.

Topics of interest:

Holocene history of the Black Sea; Holocene history of Fagus sylvatica.

Active research projects:

Leverhulme funded project examining the Holocene history of the Black Sea


Representative publications: 

Biazolgt, Bradley and Bradshaw (2012) Modelling the spread of Fagus sylvatica and Picea abies in southern Scandinavia during the late Holocene. Journal of Biogeography. 39. 665-675.

Mertens, Bradley, Takano, Mudie, Marret, Verleye, Mousing, Smyrnova, Aksu, Hiscott, Bagheri, Mansor, Pospelova and Matsuoka (2012) Quantitative estimation of Holocene surface salinity variation in the Black Sea using dinoflagellate cyst process length. Quaternary Science Reviews. 39. 45-59.

Bradley, Horne, Williams, Marret, Aksu and Hiscott (2011) Salinity changes on the south-western shelf of the Black Sea during the Holocene. Joannea Geologie und Paläontologie 11.