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Scientific coordinator

Elena Roget correu

Web contents manager

Anna Drou correu

People and Institutions

Konstantin Korotenko


Place of work:

Laboratory of Marine Turbulence, Physical Oceanography
P.P. Shirshov Institut of Oeanology RAS

Professional experience:

Theory and field observations of currents, turbulence and turbulent transport in the ocean.

Development of numerical models of turbulence and turbulent transport with high-order closures.

Adaptation and implementation of ‘world-class’ oceanic circulation models for modeling circulation, transport and dispersal in coastal waters;

Development coupled 3D-Flow/particle models for the transport and dispersal of non-conservative tracers in the coastal ocean with a special reference to chemicals, phytoplankton, marine organisms, and radionuclide transport.

Development of high resolution oil spill models.

Topics of interest:

Turbulence; mesoscale circulation; numerical modeling.

Active research projects:

CNRS-RAS research project on study circulation and turbulence in the Eastern English Channel.

Representative publications:

Study of Turbulence in Tidal Coastal Zone (with A. Sentchev). Oceanology, 50, (in Press).

High-Resolution Model for Predicting the Transport and Dispersal of Oil Plumes Resulting from Accidental Discharges in the Black Sea (with M.Bowman and D. Dietrich) Recent Advances in Numerical Ocean Modeling and Prediction. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. doi: 10.3319/TAO.2009.04.24.01(IWNOP).

Modeling the unusual upwelling event observed at the western Adriatic coast in summer 2003. Geofizika, 26, 169-185.

Effect of the Migration of Particles on the Features of their Transport by Tidal Currents in a Region of Freshwater Influence (with A. Sentchev). Oceanology. 48(4). 501-513.

Modeling distribution of flounder larvae in the eastern English Channel: sensitivity to physical forcing and biological behavior. Marine ecology Progress Series. V. 3. 233-345.

Modeling of mesoscale variability of the Adriatic Sea. Oceanology, 2007. 47(3). 313-324.

Regression method for estimation of salinity in the ocean. Oceanology, 2007. 47(4). 464-475.

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