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Scientific coordinator

Elena Roget correu

Web contents manager

Anna Drou correu

People and Institutions

Josep Gonzalez


Place of work:

Group of Environmental Physics
Department of Physics
University of Girona

Professional experience:

Coordination of Environmental Physics and Technology Itinerary in the UdG’s Master on Environment.

Coordination of Applied Physics Area in the Physics Department. 

Topics of interest:

Atmospheric optics; radiative modeling; radiative measurements in UV-VIS-IR.

Active research projects:

Clouds and Climate Change: variability and trends of cloudiness and sunshine in the Iberian Peninsula, and measurement and modeling of cloud radiative effects at surface (NUCLIEREX). CGL2007-62664/CLI at PN de Biodiversidad, Ciencias de la Tierra y Cambio Global. Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología

Representative publications:

Influence of the global radiation variability on the hourly diffuse fraction correlations. González J.A., Calbó J. Solar Energy, 65 (1999) 119-131.

A Method for sky-condition classification from ground-based solar radiation. Calbó, J., González, J.A.; Pagès, D. Journal of Applied Meteorology, 40 (2001) 2193-99.

Modelled and measured ratio of PAR to global radiation under cloudless skies. González, J.A.; Calbó, J. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 110 (2002) 319-325.

Using routine meteorological data to derive sky conditions. Pagès, D.; González, J.A.; Calbó, J. Annales Geophysicae, 21 (2003) 649-654.

Cloud cover effects over UV radiation: preliminary results at Girona, Spain. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 5 (2003) 6749.

Using a Parameterization of a Radiative Transfer Model to Build High-Resolution Maps of Typical Clear-Sky UV Index in Catalonia, Spain. Badosa, J., González, J. A., Calbó, J., van Weele, M., McKenzie, R. Journal of Applied Meteorology 44 (2005) 789-803.

Empirical studies of cloud effects on UV radiation: A review. Calbó, J., Pagès, D., González, J. Reviews of Geophysics, 43 (2005) 1-28.

Towards closure between measured and modelled UV under clear skies at four diverse sites. Badosa, J.; McKenzie, R. L.; Kotkamp, M.; Calbó, J.; González, J. A.; Johnston, P. V.; O'Neill, M.; Anderson, D. J. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7 (2007) 2817-2837.

Modeling atmospheric longwave radiation at the surface under cloudless skies. A. Viúdez-Mora, J. Calbó, J. A. González, M. A. Jiménez. Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres, 114 (2009) D18107.