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Scientific coordinator

Elena Roget correu

Web contents manager

Anna Drou correu

People and Institutions

Joaquim Pérez



Place of work:

Group of Complex Systems
Department of Physics
University of Girona

Professional experience:

2001-2008 Lecturer.

2008-present: Associate Professor.

Topics of interest:

Lake models; water clarity; water quality in lakes and reservoirs; propagation of reaction-diffusion and reaction-dispersal fronts and pulses; applications to cross-disciplinary systems.

Active research projects:

The formation of Europe: Prehistoric population dynamics and the roots of socio-cultural diversity. European Comission, 01/09/2006 - 31/08/2010, Ref. nº 28192-FEPRE.

Transport Phenomena in inter-disciplinary biological and physical systems MEC-FEDER, 01/01/2010-31/12/2012, FIS 2009-13050.

Transport team in complex systems. Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain, 29/07/2009-31/12/2013, Grup Consolidat 2009-SGR-374.

Representative publications:

Isern N, Fort J, Pérez-Losada J (2008) “Realistic dispersion kernels & cohabitation reaction-dispersion eqs” J Stat Mechs: Theor & Exp P10012 1-17.

Chung, Eu Gene; Schladow, G.S.; Perez-Losada, J.; Robertson, Dale M. "A linked hydrodynamic and water quality model for the Salton Sea." Hydrobiologia 604 (2008): 57-75.

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Fort, J.; Perez-Losada, J.; Isern, N. "Fronts from integrodifference equations and persistence effects on the Neolithic transition." Physical Review E 76 (2007): 1-10.

Fort, J.; Perez-Losada, J.; Ubeda, E.; García, F.J. "Fronts with continuous waiting-time distributions & application to virus infections ." Physical Review E 73 (2006): 021907-1-021907-8.

Coats, R.; Perez-Losada, J.; Schladow, G.; Richards, R.; Goldman, C. "The Warming of Lake Tahoe." Climatic Change 76 (2006): 121-148.

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Perez-Losada, J.; Roget, E.; Casamitjana, X . "Evidence of high vertical wave-number behavior in a continuously stratified reservoir: Boadella, Spain." Journal of Hydraulic Engineering-Asce 129 (2003): 734-737.

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