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Scientific coordinator

Elena Roget correu

Web contents manager

Anna Drou correu

People and Institutions

Jesus Planella


Place of work:

Group of Environmental Physics
Deparment of Physics
University of Girona

Professional experience:


Topics of interest:

Turbulence and mixing in environmental fluids

Active research projects:

Measurements for description and modeling of turbulence and mixing ( FIS2008-03608), funded by the Spanish Government.

Representative publications:

Sánchez, X., Roget, E., Planella, J. (2009) Heat flux through a geothermally heated fluidized bed at the bottom of a lake Water Res. Jul;43(12):3117-23.

Lozovatsky, I.D., Roget E., Planella J., Fernando H.J.S., and Liu Zhiyu, 2010. Intermittency of near-bottom turbulence in tidal flow on a shallow shelf. J. Geophys. Res. doi:10.1029/2009JC005325, in press.