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Jan Wissink

Jan Wissink
Personal webpage:

Place of work:

School of Engineering and Design
Brunel University

Professional experience:

1996-1998: Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Division of Theoretical Mechanics of the University of Nottingham.

1999: Researcher at TNO Building and Construction, Rijswijk, Netherlands.

2000-2007: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute for Hydromechanics, University of Karlsruhe (now: KIT), Germany.

2007-present: Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Topics of interest:

Numerical methods and simulations; heat transfer; diffusion at high Schmidt Numbers; buoyant flows


Active research projects:

DNS of gas transfer across the air-water interface driven by:

bottom-shear induced turbulence, with Dr. Herlina from KIT, Germany

buoyant convection, with Boris Kubrak (PhD student) and Dr. Herlina from KIT, Germany

LES of the augmentation of laminar heat transfer by external disturbances with Matthew Fleetwood (PhD student)

Representative publications:

Wissink, J.G. and W. Rodi, Heat transfer from the stagnation area of a heated cylinder at ReD = 140,000 affected by free-stream turbulence, Int. J. of Heat and Mass Transfer, 54, (2011) 2535-41
Wissink, J.G. and W. Rodi, Direct Numerical Simulation of heat transfer from the stagnation region of a heated cylinder affected by an impinging wake, J. Fluid Mech, 669, (2011) 64-89.
Zaki, T.A., J.G. Wissink, P.A. Durbin and W. Rodi, DNS of transition in a compressor cascade: The influence of free-stream turbulence, J. Fluid Mech, 665, (2010) 57-98.
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