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Igor Goncharenko


Place of work:

Laboratory of Ocean and Continental Waters Interaction and Anthropogenic Processes
P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS

Professional experience:

Participated in several expeditions on the Black, Baltic and Mediterranean Seas and the Lake Balaton, as a member of the UFL-lidar's group. Taked part in water sampling and data proceeding.

Participated in the "Modelling of genesis of tropical cyclones" research program.

Topics of interest:

Satellite data processing; tropical cyclones generation investigation on base of satellite microwave radiometry and climatology data; LIDAR technical support.

Active research projects:


Representative publications:

Igor V.Goncharenko and Vera V.Rostovtseva. Satellite microwave scanner radiometry data using for analysis of statistics of tropical cyclones generation criterion in the Atlantic Ocean. - Proceedings of SPIE, 2006, V.6522. 652229.

V.V.Rostovtseva and I.V.Goncharenko. Temporal and spatial statistics of temperature-humidity criterion for tropical cyclones generation in the North Atlantic obtained from satellite microwave radiometry data. – Issledovanie Zemli iz Kosmosa, 2010, in print.