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People and Institutions

Fabienne Marret




Place of work:

School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool

Professional experience:

1994-1997: Research post-doc, GEOTOP-UQAM (Canada)

1997-1998: Research post-doc, School of Ocean Sciences, University of Wales (Bangor), UK.

1998-1999: Research Fellow, GEOTOP-UQAM (Canada).

1999-2005: Research fellow, School of Ocean Sciences, University of Wales (Bangor), UK.

2005-2010: Lecturer in Physical Geography (UoL), Liverpool, UK.

2010-present: Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography (UoL), Liverpool, UK, Director of Postgraduate studies and MSc environmental and Climate Change.

Topics of interest:

Palaeoceanography; Late Quaternary; palaeoclimatology; extreme environmnents; marine palynology.

Active research projects:

The Holocene history of the Black Sea.

African monsoon variability during the late Quaternary.

Development of databases (dinocysts) for sea-surface conditions reconstructions and applications.

Representative publications:

Hessler, I., Dupont, L., Bonnefille, R., Behling, H., González, C., Helmens, K.F., Hooghiemstra, H., Lebamba, J., Ledru, M-P., Lézine, A-M., Maley, J., Marret, F. and Vincens A. 2010. Millennial-scale changes in vegetation records from tropical Africa and South America during the last glacial. Quaternary Science Reviews.

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