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Scientific coordinator

Elena Roget correu

Web contents manager

Anna Drou correu

People and Institutions

Elena Roget


Place of work:

Group of Environmental Physics
Department of Physics
University of Girona

Professional experience:

Since 1985: Full-time lecturer in Physics  (from Teaching Assistant to Associate Professor).

1995-1998: Head of the area of Physics of Condensed Matter at the University of Girona.

1997-1999: Director of the doctoral program in Applied Physics: Environmental Processes and Material Sciences, University of Girona.

1998-1999: Academic Secretary of the Department of Physics at the University of Girona.

1999-2005: Coordinator of the Environmental Physics track and member of the Board of Tutors of the Doctoral Program on the Environment, University of Girona.

2001-2009:: Supervision of 5 Ph.D and 7 master thesis.

2003-2007: Head of the Department of Physics, University of Girona.

2004-2005: Voting member of the Board of Governors of the University of Girona, Spain.

2004-2007: Member of the Consulting Committees for Academic Policy (appointed by the Rector) and of Infrastructure on campus (in representation of the directors) of the University of Girona .

1998-2009: Principal investigator of 13 infrastructure or research projects (two international) and investigator on 5 more.

2007-present: Head of the Environmental Physics Group of the UdG, recognized as a consolidated research group by the Catalan Government.

Topics of interest:

Hydrodynamics; internal waves; baroclinic flows; convection; turbulence; mixing; lakes and seas as components of the climate system. Approach: field measurements and data analysis, conceptual models and numerical simulations.

Active research projects:

Advanced issues on turbulent measurements and numerical modeling of mixing. Spanish Government, Ref. FIS2008-03608/FIS. (IP).

Representative publications:

Roget, E., Casamitjana, X., 1990. Water exchanges in the coastal lagoon in Neustadt-Binnenwasser (R.F.A.). Internat. Verein. Limnol., 24: 92- 96. International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology. ISSN: 0368-0770. Paper.

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