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Ielizaveta Khymchenko

Place of work:

Laboratory of Ocean and Continental Waters Interaction and Anthropogenic Processes
P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS.

Professional experience:

Junior Researcher.
Participation in several expeditions to the Black Sea on a stationary oceanography platform. Field experience in participation to Aral and Kara seas as a member of hydrophysics group. Take part in data obtain and processing.

Topics of interest:

Internal waves in the Black and Aral Seas; shelves zones.

Active research projects:

RFBR, Specific manifestation of in-water processes on the sea surface (14-05-00520 A)

RFBR, Comprehensive field studies of freshened surface lens in the Kara Sea, of its formation, impact on the physical processes and hydrochemical regime, on biological productivity and distribution of "continental signal" in the Arctiс  (14-05-05005 Кар_а)

RFBR, Intense internal waves on shelf of Crimea (14-45-01646 р_юг_а)


Representative publications:

Izhitskiy A. S., Khymchenko I.E, Zavialov P. O., Serebryany A. N. Hydrophysical conditions of the Large Aral Sea in autumn 2013: thermal structure, currents, internal waves // Oceanology, 2014, Vol. 54, №4, pp. 451 - 463. (in Russian) 

Serebryany A. N. , Khymchenko I.E. Оbservations of internal waves at Сaucasus and Crimean shelves of the Black Sea in summer 2013 // Current problems in remote sensing of the earth from space, 2014, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 88–104. (in Russian)