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Adifap - Avances en la Deformación Incremental para su aplicación en la Fabricación de Prótesis poliméricas biocompatibles. (DPI2012-36042)



Dra. Maria Luisa Garcia-Romeu de Luna

Investigadora principal

POLITÈCNICA II - Despacho 102

Campus Montilivi

17071 - GIRONA





Artículos en revista
  • Bagudanch, I., Vives-Mestres, M., Sabater, M., Garcia-Romeu, M.L. (2016) "Polymer incremental sheet forming process: temperature analysis using response surface methodology" Materials and Manufacturing Processes, accepted for publication
  • Bagudanch, I., Garcia-Romeu, M.L., Sabater, M. (2016) "Incremental forming of polymers: Process parameters selection from the perspective of electric energy consumption and cost"  Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 112, 1013-1024
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Ponencias en Congresos


Advances in Materials & Processing Technologies Conference (AMPT 2015)

  • Bagudanch, I., Sabater, M., Garcia-Romeu, M.L. "Single Point versus Two Point Incremental Forming of thermoplastic materials"

  • Lozano-Sánchez, L.M., Bagudanch, I., Elizalde, L.E., Garcia-Romeu, M.L., Elías-Zúñiga, A.E. "Preparation of biocompatible polymers sheets useful in the incremental sheet forming process"

VI Manufacturing Engineering Society Internacional Conference (MESIC 2015)

  • Bagudanch,I. , Lozano,M., Puigpinós,L., Sabater,M., Elías-Zúñiga,A., Garcia-Romeu,M.L. "Manufacturing of polymeric biocompatible cranial geometry by single point incremental forming" Procedia engineering, Vol. 132, pp. 267-273

  • Centeno,G., Morales-Palma,D., Bagudanch,I., Martínez-Donaire,A.J., García-Romeu,M.L., Vallellano, C.  "Experimental strain analysis on the manufacturing of polymer cranial prosthesis by single-point incremental forming"

2nd International conference on design and processes for medical devices, PROMED 2014; Monterrey, México, 17-19 March 2014

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International Conf. on Technology of Plasticity, ICTP 2014; Nagoya; Japan; 19-24 October 2014

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Esaform 2013

  • Bagudanch I.; Elias-Zúñiga, A. ;Garcia-Romeu M.L. (2013) “Evaluating material constitutive equations for the simulation of Incremental Sheet Forming applied to form thermoplastic materials.” Key Engineering Materials 554-557: 1312-1319.