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ARCO - Agriculture, natural Resource management and COllective action

Agriculture, natural Resource management and COllective action


Welcome to the webpage of the project "Agriculture, natural Resource management and COllective action", 2016-2020. 


The ARCO project arises from one of the most important challenges facing humanity in the 21st century: the adaptation and moderation of climate change. This is particularly challenging for agricultural production. According to FAO projections, total food production must increase by 70 per cent between 2005 and 2050 to meet the needs of an estimated population of 9.1 billion. At the same time, agricultural production has to preserve the ecological system in order to maintain its productive base. Balancing these two objectives implies an obligation to adopt more efficient and sustainable production methods at the same time.


Given that climate change makes it difficult to align these two objectives, the aim is to study in detail various instruments that increase productivity and conserve natural resources. Specifically, the project analyzes different management tools of two specific natural resources. They are proposed as central points: 

a) the productive capacity of agriculture as a food base,
b) the conservation of the basic resources of the agrarian ecosystem: water and soil. 
c) different collective action methods as a backbone for the design of new management tools.


Beyond water management in agriculture, climate change is expected to increase the pressure on the pattern of water allocation between the agricultural, industrial and domestic sectors. Thus, the establishment of effective governance systems is key to the correct implementation of any integrated water resources management strategy (UN Water, 2006). Since agriculture is the sector with the greatest consumptive use of water, integrated water management strategies will have special relevance for the sustainability of the agricultural sector. This way, the aim is to carry out an analysis of integrated management that complements the analysis of water management in the agricultural sector. 


The quality and future availability of natural resources depend on their quality and availability in the past. Therefore, the design of sustainable management regimes for these resources must be based on a dynamic framework. The core of this project is the dynamic analysis of novel management tools to respond to the effects of climate change, which threatens the conservation of these resources. 



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