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Plana personal

Universitat de Girona Personal page of Dr. Soler Subils, Joaquim

  • Despatx: Laboratori d'Arqueologia i Prehistòria


Area:  Prehistory
Member of the Research Group: Archaeology and Prehistory Laboratory
Research lines: Saharan and Catalan prehistory
His main research activity focuses on prehistoric rock art in the Western Sahara, which was the subject of his doctoral thesis. He also works on the Palaeolithic Period in North East Catalonia. In this area his research focuses on the Serinyà settlements, specifically in the caves of L'Arbreda and Reclau Viver. He has also occasionally worked on the late prehistory of the massif of Cadiretes and of Montgrí. He has spent a two-year research period at the University of Tubinga, in Baden-Württemberg. Together with researchers from this German university he is studying the Palaeolithic period in the Roses area.