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Universitat de Girona Personal page of Dr. Garriga Riera, Joaquim
  • 972 41 8104


Professor in History of Modern Art
Director of the History of Art of the Renaissance and the Baroque Research Group
Member of the HUM 2006, 1204-C02-01 research project: Catalonia at the European crossroads of the arts of the Renaissance
He has focused his research on the theme of Renaissance art in Europe, especially in Italy and Catalonia. He has studied treatises and other writings from the modern European period dealing with artistic activity; he researches the roots of modern procedures for the representation of perspective and their dissemination in painters’ workshops in the 15th and 16th centuries, particularly in environments with deep artisan traditions; he studies architecture (religious, civil, rural), sculpture and painting from the Renaissance period in Catalonia, in technical and aesthetic terms, as well as from a socio-economic and cultural perspective; he participates in scientific dissemination and documentation studies of the historical-artistic heritage of Catalonia. He directs the History of Art of the Renaissance and the Baroque Research Group.