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Mobilitat i intercanvi

Mandatory documents matters


Oficina de Relacions Exteriors
Mòdul 20
Campus Montilivi Mapa
17003 Girona

Raquel Solà
Tel. 972 418 028



New opening hours for public: from Mon to Fri.: from 12 to 14 h.

Learning Agreement and Academic Programmes

Learning Agreement


Upon arrival you must present your learning agreement signed by your university.


If you need information about the subjects, contact your "UdG tutor".

You can also check Academic Programmes and Studies for Exchange Students

Who is your "UdG Tutor"?

Once you have filled in the application form you will receive an email with the name and email address of the Academic Responsible of your stay . If you cannot reach your tutor, contact the academic mobilty coordinator of the faculty or the responsible administrator.