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Josep Juandó Bosch
Programa de Suport a la Qualitat Docent

Institut de Ciències de l'Educació "Josep Pallach"
Telf. +34 972 41 96 13

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Knowledge sharing contributes to the growth of knowledge itself. In the end, when analysed from a global perspective, science and people benefit from it.

Beliefs like this must overcome borders of all types in order to share knowledge and facilitate education, research and cooperation beyond the individual characteristics of people and places.

The potential of individuals and institutions, which is great by nature, is multiplied through cooperation. At universities, this cooperation means insisting on the tendency to open up programmes and classrooms or, in other words, to open our perspectives. It means delving deeper into a culture that will undoubtedly provide universal benefits for people and institutions.

Initiatives like that of  Opencourseware Consortium , taking advantage of the powerful communication capabilities of new technologies, amount to authentic launch platforms for knowledge sharing proposals.

The University of Girona wishes to join in OpenCourseWare initiatives, opening up some of its courses. These subjects, together with associated materials, can be studied independently by interested people from around the world.

We are convinced that the efforts made by teaching staff and by those in charge of managing the new OCW portal of the University of Girona will represent a contribution to the culture of cooperation. That is our intention.