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Exchange agreements

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Exchange agreements




The internationalisation policies of the UdG aim to actively promote a wide range of academic activities: mobility of undergraduate and graduate students, of professors and researchers, and of administrative and service staff members, joint undergraduate and graduate degree programmes, ongoing participation in teaching and research collaboration networks, and an institutional presence in the principal forums of debate and decision. That aim is primarily achieved through the development of exchange agreements and memberships in international networks


An agreement is a document signed by two parties stating their willingness to collaborate and their commitment to planning and developing activities of common interest. The process can begin with the signing of a framework agreement (after which specific actions can be agreed upon through the signing of one or more specific agreements) or directly through the signing of a specific agreement, such as a bilateral Erasmus exchange agreement.


As stated article 97.1 of the Statutes of the University of Girona, the signing of agreements is the competence of the rector, who can choose to delegate that authority. The ORE has been delegated the responsibility for writing, signing and registering specific exchange agreements for the ERASMUS and SICUE programmes, known in this case as bilateral agreements. To begin the process leading to the approval and signing of an agreement, the interested party must enter data about it and requirements for it on the GEA-PONTOS restricted access form 


For information about the contents of other international agreements, about their development or any commitments made to them, please contact the Secretariat General (972 419 510 or secretari.general@udg.edu).





GEA-PONTOS is an ORE-managed database containing all the UdG agreements related to mobility and/or exchanges and any academic projects that involve the signing of a commitment. Agreements include simple endorsement letters. That means that any plans to offer a degree course requiring mobility must be agreed upon in a separate, specific agreement. Only those agreements within the framework of an established programme are exempted from this regulation.


With this database the ORE aims to facilitate mobility agreement traceability, so that at any time it is possible to know the current state of the agreement and how it is being developed.



What are the aims of GEA-PONTOS?

  • To provide information about the type of “academic” activity associated with exchange programmes in which the University participates with various national and international institutions.
  • To provide informaiton about the number of institutions with which the UdG has agreements covering this type of academic activity.


What is included?

  • Specific international mobility and/or exchange agreements related with the PROMETEU programme.
  • Specific European mobility and/or exchange agreements to implement the ERASMUS programmes and other initiatives.
  • Specific national mobility and/or exchange agreements as part of the SICUE programme.
  • Agreements to develop international educational projects.


What is NOT included?

  • Mobility agreements for specific persons.
  • Institutional agreements not related to the development of mobility and/or exchange programmes in which the UdG participates.
  • Agreements to create and offer joint degree programmes.