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International networks and partnerships



We use the terms international or internationalisation networks and/or associations to refer to higher education organisations that promote and improve the internationalisation of universities, and of the tools (institutional relations, programmes) that make it possible. At the University of Girona we distinguish between general international networks and centre-specific international networks associated with particular educational centres and a more specific field or sphere of activity.







Name of the network: AUIP - Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana de Postgrado (Iberoamerican Association of Postgraduate Universities)

Website: www.auip.org

Description: International nongovernmental organisation dedicated to the promotion of postgraduate and doctoral studies in Ibero-America. It is currently made up of more than 130 institutions of higher education from Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the Caribbean.

UdG office/officer responsible: Office of the Vice-Rector for International Policy




Name of the network: Committee for the Internationalisation and Cooperation of Spanish Universities (CICUE) of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE)

Website: www.crue.org/areainternacional/cicue/

Description:  This committee is made up of the highest ranking officers of international relations of the Spanish universities and its main objective is to lead and coordinate the actions of the universities in the area of internationalisation and cooperation for development with the goal of strengthening closer collaboration between them.

UdG office/officer responsible: Office of the Vice-Rector for International Policy – Office of the Vice-Rector for Students, Cooperation and Equality




Name of the network: EAIE - European Association for International Education

Website: www.eaie.org

Description: A not-for-profit organisation whose objective is to promote and facilitate the internationalisation of higher education in Europe and around the world, and to respond to the professional needs of international educators.

UdG office/officer responsible: Laura Ripoll – External Relations Office




Name of the network: EAN - European Access Network

Website: www.ean-edu.org

Description: A European network created to guarantee greater access to higher education for people who are insufficiently represented due to sex, ethnic origin, nationality, age, disability, family origin, professional training, geographic location or educational needs.

UdG office/officer responsible: Laura Ripoll – External Relations Office




Name of the network: EMUNI - Euro-Mediterranean University

Website: www.emuni.si

Description: An international network of universities committed to the quality of higher education through the development of postgraduate studies (master’s and doctorates) and research programmes, with special focus on cultural diversity.

UdG office/officer responsible: Office of the Vice-Rector for International Policy




Name of the network: EPUF - Euromed Permanent University Forum

Website: www.epuf.org

Description: A network made up of more than 100 institutions of higher education and research of the Mediterranean area. The main objective is to create a sustainable higher education area in the Mediterranean region.

UdG office/officer responsible:  Office of the Vice-Rector for International Policy



Name of the network: EUA - European University Association

Website: www.eua.be

Description: An association that acts as a representative organisation to bring together European universities and conferences of rectors and presidents, and as the interlocutor with both EU institutions and other international organisations. It makes key contributions to European debates on higher education and research.

UdG office/officer responsible: Office of the Vice-Rector for International Policy




Name of the network: EUROTOWNS

Website: www.eurotowns.org

Description: European network of cities with populations of between 50,000 and 250,000 formed to guarantee that European legislation reflects the real impact of these populations on the social and economic life of Europe. Currently 21 towns and cities make up Eurotowns.

UdG office/officer responsible:  Laura Ripoll – External Relations Office




Name of the network: COMPOSTELA GROUP – The Compostela Group of Universities

Website: www.gcompostela.org

Description: A university network created to facilitate collaboration among member universities for the preservation of historic and cultural heritage arising from the pilgrim’s route known as the Way of Saint James.

UdG office/officer responsible: Office of the Vice-Rector for International Policy




Name of the network: LEONET - Leveraging Education into Organisations - Network for Academic Mobility

Website: www.leo-net.org

Description: A network made up of more than 160 members among universities, schools and other organisations from 32 countries in Europe and elsewhere, involved in issues of academic mobility with the European Lifelong Learning Programme.

UdG office/officer responsible: Laura Ripoll – External Relations Office




Name of the network: XARXA VIVES - The Vives Network of Universities

Website: www.vives.org

Description: The Vives Network is a unique platform offering value-added and innovative services to universities in the Catalan-speaking territories, the entire university community and society at large. As an association of universities in expansion, the network has become the common benchmark by which performance is measured at the universities of Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Northern Catalonia, Andorra and Sardinia.

UdG office/officer responsible: Office of the Vice-Rector for Institutional Relations, Society and Culture







Name of the network: AGILE- Association Geographic Information Laboratories of Europe

Website: www.agile-online.org

Description: Since 1998 AGILE has promoted academic teaching and research on GIS at the European level to ensure the continuation of the networking activities that have emerged as a result of the EGIS Conferences and the European Science Foundation GISDATA programmes. AGILE seeks to ensure that the views of the geographic information teaching and research community are fully represented in the discussions that take place on future European research agendas. AGILE also provides a permanent scientific forum where the geographic information researchers can meet and exchange ideas and experiences at the European level.

UdG office/officer responsible: Gemma Boix - SIGTE




Name of the network: ATLAS - Association for Tourism and Leisure Education

Website: www.atlas-euro.org

Description: Founded in 1991 to develop transnational educational initiatives in tourism and leisure through student exchanges and transnational research in this field. It currently has members in more than 70 countries.

UdG office/officer responsible: Lluís Prats - Faculty of Tourism




Name of the network: ERNA - Rotterdam Law Network

Website: rotterdamlawnetwork.org

Description: ERNA is a network of 30 universities that bring together the law schools of almost all the member states of the EU. It is a unique and multidisciplinary network focused mainly on the exchange and mobility of students and teaching and administrative staff.

UdG office/officer responsible: Lluïsa Esteve - Faculty of Law




Name of the network: ETAP - European Taxation and Accounting in Practice

Website: www.etapnetwork.eu

Description: An international network of accounting professors. Two meetings are organised every year. The first is a preparatory meeting of the coordinators from each of the participating universities, and the second is a week-long meeting of professors and students, during which a variety of events are planned. In the morning, theoretical presentations are given on different accounting topics. Next, groups of 6 students, all of different nationalities, complete practical exercises on a proposed topic. In addition, different activities are scheduled during the week, some more official, covering aspects of business, and others of a more recreational nature.

UdG office/officer responsible: Jackeline Velazco - Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences




Name of the network: EUCLIDES

Website: www.euclidesnet.eu

Description: A network of European engineering and technology universities created to facilitate exchanges of students and staff, develop joint projects, promote contact and cooperation with private companies and exchange information and experiences.

UdG office/officer responsible: Patricia Eyskens - Polytechnic School




Name of the network: FLORENCE

Website: www.florencenetwork.eu

Description: Florence was founded as a network in 1995 to promote nursing and midwifery in Europe. It is made up of 37 universities and higher education centres from 18 European countries.

UdG office/officer responsible: David Ballester - Faculty of Nursing




Name of the network: GISIG-Geographical Information Systems International Group

Website: www.gisig.it

Description: A not-for-profit organisation whose aim is the cooperation between member GIS operators through the promotion and development of joint European projects in the field of education and training, research and development, and the formulation of regional policies.

UdG office/officer responsible: Gemma Boix - SiGTE




Name of the network: NECSTouR - Network of European Regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism

Website: www.necstour.eu

Description: A network of universities in European tourism regions that are members of the open NECSTouR network.

UdG office/officer responsible: Lluís Prats - Faculty of Tourism




Name of the network: PRIME - PRofessional Inter-university Management for Educational Networking

Website: www.primenetworking.eu

Description: An international not-for-profit association whose mission is to promote education, research and training, with special emphasis on interdisciplinary work within member institutions.

UdG office/officer responsible: Lluís Prats – Faculty of Tourism




Name of the network: UCL - University College London

Website: www.ucl.ac.uk/laws/

Description: UCL is an institution committed to important events and topics of our times. It achieves these objectives – to a great extent – through external relations, including international contacts. In that respect, the UCL is one of the main universities of reference.

UdG office/officer responsible: Miquel Martín – Faculty of Law




Name of the network: UNIGIS International

Website: www.unigis.org

Description: A global network of educational institutions that offers online GIS courses. The institutions of higher education that make it up are internationally recognised in the area of GIS.

UdG office/officer responsible: Gemma Boix – SIGTE




Name of the network: UNISCAPE - European Network of Universities for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention

Website: www.uniscape.eu

Description: A network of universities especially dedicated to the implementation of the European Landscape Convention. It was created to support and strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation within and among European universities on issues related to landscape, especially in the areas of research and education.

UdG office/officer responsible: Josep Pintó – Faculty of Arts