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The abstracts may be submitted in Catalan, Spanish or English.


The deadline for the submission of paper abstracts is 2 June 2017.


The papers must focus on one of the following themes of the symposium:

-        Sustainable development objectives. The specific characteristics of the Mediterranean region

-        Wellbeing. The new engine of health promotion

-        Healthy cities. Health-building environments

-        Health literacy. Redefining the concept beyond information 


Submission format

The maximum length of the paper abstract is 350 words.

The content of the abstract must be structured as follows:

Introduction - max. 80 words
Methods - max. 80 words
Results - max. 80 words
Conclusions - max. 80 words

The abstracts must not contain images, tables or graphs.
The abstracts must be sent to the following email address: hpmediterranean@udg.edu


The information on accepted submissions will be sent from 3 June 2017.
The final acceptance of submitted papers cannot take place unless at least one of the paper’s authors has formally registered for the symposium.
The accepted papers will be compiled in a publication with an ISBN.