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Jornades Doctorials Transfrontereres 2012



Recommendations for creating posters

The objective of a poster is to present your thesis work in standard, non- specialist language. It needn’t be a poster like the ones presented at a conference or a scientific colloquium.

It is a communication exercise.

It is important to put yourself in the place of the person who will read it, a person who may not understand anything about your field of specialization. The problems posed and the vocabulary used must be simple and accessible.

The poster must be educational, present a logical argument, not be too detailed, and be instructive and attractive.


 The poster must include:

- The objective of the study

- The main methods used

- The essential results obtained or expected

- The applications of the work

- The conclusions and the future prospects

- The titles of the research work

- The name and a photograph of the doctoral student

- The year of the thesis

- The name of the laboratory and of the university


Try to include colours, figures, tables, drawings and photos, but remember not to put too much. A poster should not be too crowded: 50% of its surface area should be blank space.

Use fonts that are large enough to be read from a distance of 2-3 metres.

The format should be A2 (42X60 cm).