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Every year the Joint Master’s in Youth and Society (MIJS) organises an academic activity to which students of the master’s programme are invited to participate, as is anyone else who might be interested. In 2009-2010 we organised our First International Conference on the topic "Youth and Risk: An Inevitable Relationship? Last year we chose a seminar format and the theme "Youth and Public Space".

Public spaces are places for meeting and socialising, for leisure and business, places of culture and expression, but also of conflict. The way they are arranged and used are important issues for all social groups, but obviously in the case of youths, and for various reasons, they are characterised by a fairly special relevance.

This specific character is what we aimed to study, as rigourously as possible, in the seminar. Among other topics we analysed youth behaviours and practices in the public space, urban facilities and resources for youths, the ways youths express themselves in the public space, and intergenerational and intercultural relationships in the city.