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The seminar was held over two days, in morning and afternoon sessions. It was organised around the presentation of papers and the sharing of specific experiences. Three complementary papers were also presented, each of which focused on one of three general topics:

  • Town and city planning: Public policies concerning town and city planning and youths. The presence of youths in public spaces (indoor and outdoor, open and restricted) as a specific and an intergenerational resource. Bases for intergenerational agreement. The use of public space for youths as an indicator of social and urban challenges.
  • Sociocultural aspects. Public space as an advantageous place for youth socialisation: public space and intra - and intergenerational relationships, generations, ethnicities and/or classes. Public space, communication flows and identity formation: the relationship between public and virtual space. The movement of youths in public spaces and their attempts at control: public space as a manifestation of needs and desires, power relationships and sociocultural conflict.
  • Educational aspects. The city as an educational environment. Types of urban educational spaces for youths. How to facilitate or motivate access to and use of educational spaces. Educational criteria to increase the educational potential of existing resources.