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The Faces of Landscape



Departament of Geography

Faculty of Arts
Campus Barri Vell mapa de situacio
Plaça Ferrater Mora, 1
17071 GIRONA


+34 972 418213

+34 972 418117



Lenka Cermakova & Anton Fogas

Prešov University

Minna Tanskanen & Jonna Kosonen

University of Eastern Finland

Josep Vila & Diego Varga

Universitat de Girona


The faces of landscape: Geographical landscape research

The aim of the course is to strengthen students’ knowledge on landscape concept and the way of conducting research on landscape. Special attention will be paid to the use of methods of both physical and cultural landscape studies in unified landscape research. After the course students will have a better understanding of the complexity of the concept of landscape and will be capable to study different landscapes. The course also gives students competencies to carry out research in a multi-national group situation.

The number of participants of the course is limited to ten students from each University: Prešov University (Slovakia), University of Eastern Finland (Finland) & Univeristat de Girona (Catalonia). The course has the economic support of the European Union through the Intensive Program (2010 – 2012): The faces of landscape: North Karelia, Presov Region and Catalonia (FACESLAND).