The Faces of Landscape



Departament of Geography

Faculty of Arts
Campus Barri Vell mapa de situacio
Plaça Ferrater Mora, 1
17071 GIRONA


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Lenka Cermakova & Anton Fogas

Prešov University

Minna Tanskanen & Jonna Kosonen

University of Eastern Finland

Josep Vila & Diego Varga

Universitat de Girona



First, the students will have a methodological knowledge about landscapes:

  • The concept of landscape and the way of doing landscape research.
  • The newest viewpoints and approaches of landscape studies. Special attention will be paid to the use of methods of both physical and cultural landscapes.
  • Better understanding of the complexity of the concept of landscape and better opportunity to study analyze it. 

Second, the students will get an empirical knowledge about landscapes: comparing the characteristics of different cases of landscape studies.


Third, the course will also give students competencies to carry out research in a multi-national group situation.