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Exploratory Workshop “Reassessing the role of late troubadour culture in European heritage”

Objectives & Topics


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Miriam Cabré

Group of Medieval Literature ILCC-UdG

Objectives & Topics

Main Objectives of the Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to gather scholars who have worked on topics relevant to this core issue, often interested in more than one of the central aspects, from different approaches and disciplinary fields, with the scope of discussing what further research is necessary to complete this fragmentary picture, and giving them a forum to prepare future networking and collaborative work.

The workshop sessions will address the following major issues: late troubadour literature and its circumstances of production; the context of early 14th-century Occitan lyric and its links to other European traditions; common trends and distinctive patterns in the different European lyrics of this period; the range of approaches to assess circulation and reception of late troubadours and early 14th century lyrics.


Structure of the Sessions

Each session will begin with a 30-minute presentation of the problems and new avenues of research on each field, generally followed by the comments of two respondents (a 10-minute intervention each), and general discussion. The roles of speaker and respondents have been allocated seeking a balanced workload and also trying to bring different points of view to the more formal part of each session. In spite of these formal roles, all participants are encouraged to think of this workshop as a series of debates, and to contribute to as many topics as possible.


Workshop Agenda

Participants will have access to an intranet where articles relevant to the topics to be discussed will be made available, mainly the previous research from the participants, as well as a few other selected items. This will enhance the awareness of the different approaches that will be put together in the workshop and hopefully will facilitate and encourage discussion, which is the main aim of this scientific event. The site will also make available in advance a draft of the longer presentation on each session, so that respondents may prepare their own, and all participants may have thought of the main issues to be discussed in advance.

Follow-up Activities and Dissemination

The proposal submitted to the ESF included other possible specific goals, the feasibility of which will be discussed during the workshop: publication of a collective volume on European culture in the transition from late troubadour culture to early 14th C lyrics; publication of a dossier in a journal including articles on relevant topics, product of the multiple approaches put together in the workshop; creation of an internet portal that may be a forum for a network of scholars interested in this period; application for funding for future collaborations of this network.