The contruction of gender in television fiction

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To send a communication

Procedure to send a communication through ConfTool:


First: Register the tool ConfTool:  Registration online

It is necessary to register as a user of the management platform acts ConfTool. (Remember your username and password that the word is introduced for future connections to the platform).


Second: Proposal communication / Summary:

To post a propsta communication should go to the section "Proposals" and choose the appropriate option to "Send Communication".


Then the corresponding sections must be completed in Step 1 of "Sending a contribution" and then push the "Proceed" and finally, push the "Complete submission, avoid update" in Step 2. (The summary is a maximum of 7,000 characters).



In the "Issues" should bring an option:

  • The axis or themes that best suit their communication.

The papers will be reviewed by two members of the scientific committee.

We especially valued the following aspects:

• Clear definition of objectives
• Consistency of content

Conclusions, well defined
• Presence of innovative elements
• Bibliography and updated documentation
• Formulation of questions for discussion

We need at least one of the authors of a paper accepted by the Scientific Committee, is registered to Congress to join in this communication and program the final publication.


Third: Full text of accepted papers


Once the proposals / abstracts have been accepted by the Scientific Committee (the Committee will be notified of the resolution from 20 July), send the full text of the same. The complete text must be submitted to the Congress Secretariat before 1 September.


Must be sent through the "Update contribution (to be activated from the sending of the proposed communication / summary) of this same screen, as an attachment in one of these formats:. doc,. rtf,. odt or. zip.


(You can see the filing requirements to be met within the full text of this site section called "Communications")


If you access the management platform of events, click here: ConfTool

Communication proposals
The communication proposals (summary of a maximum of 300 words) should be sent to Secretariat Congress before the June 30  through event management platform 
ConfToolavailable through this website.

The proposals received will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of Congress.

As of  July 20  will be available to the Scientific Committee ConfTool resolution.

Full text of accepted papers
The full text of accepted papers must be submitted by the Scientific Committee on Secretariat Congress before September 1, the platform management events
ConfTool (as an attachment in. doc,. pdf,. rtf, or. zipped).

Requirements to be met by the full texts:

The full text of accepted papers should follow these general guidelines for submission. It is important to read them before using the recommended template.
Must have a maximum of 6,000 words. may be sent in. doc,. pdf,. rtf, or. zip.
Must include the following sections:

• Title of the paper
• Authors of the paper, detailing for each the following data:
• Name
• University / Institution
• Email
• Abstract (maximum 300 words)
• Text communication
• Conclusions
• Bibliography
• Questions and / or points for discussion



All the accepted communications will be published.


Posters can be sent until September 1, 2010.