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2015 will see the commemoration of the 750 anniversary of Ramon Muntaner’s birth. The chronicler from Peralada (1265-1336) was also the author of a Sermó, the husband of Na Valençona de Xirivella, a friend of Roger de Flor, the mestre racional (treasurer) of the Almogaver ‘Catalan company’, a trusted man by the kings of Aragon, Mallorca and Sicily, and the governor of the island of Djerba, among many other things.

 To commemorate this event, the Research Group on Medieval Literature at the Institut de Llengua i Literatura Catalanes (Universitat de Girona) organizes the Congrés Internacional "Ramon Muntaner: fets, dits i 'veres veritats' (1265-1336)", on the life and works of Muntaner and the troubled times he lived through. The conference will take place at the Facultat de Lletres (Universitat de Girona) and the town of Peralada on 10-12 June 2015.




 The deadline to send paper proposals is 22 March. Authors will be notified of paper acceptance by 30 March. Abstracts should be sent in Word format, have a maximum extension of 1500 characters and be written in Catalan, Spanish, English, French or Italian. Please send abstracts by e-mail to the following address:

Papers should address some of the following topics:

·        The biography of Ramon Muntaner

·        Muntaner’s works, especially his chronicle and related topics

·        Historical events witnessed by Muntaner that are reflected in his works

·        The conquest of Sicily and Sardinia

·        The crusade against the Crown of Aragon in 1285

·        The Almogavar expedition to Byzantine lands

·         The relationship of the ‘bulrush’ (mata de jonc) kingdoms among them and with Muslim territories.