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2nd International Congress on Didactics. The teacher's activity: Intervention prospects, Innovation, Research

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2nd International Congress on Didactics: The teacher's activity: Intervention prospects, Innovation, Research

Today, the teaching activity plays a central role as mediator in the achievement of the many objectives of the social project, educational policies, programmes and curricula as well as agents in the interaction between students and school practices and knowledge. The teaching activity widely exceeds the space and time limits of the classroom and class duration. But, what do we know about the activities that take place beyond these frontiers? What do we know about their relations with the most visible dimension of teaching practices in the classroom? How does one study teaching activity from a disciplinary didactics approach? Which relations can be established between normative texts of educational policies and the constraints faced by teachers in daily practice? What relevance is given to the teaching activity in training programmes (initial and ongoing training)? What new relations can be established between research and teaching practices?

Beyond the adherence to the school social project, teaching-learning processes take place under the influence of a teaching activity, and they contribute to the didactic transposition of the disciplines involved. School discipline didactics, by focusing mainly on teaching contents lead us to question the processes of construction and transformation of the school’s very products.


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