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Centre de Recerca d'Història Rural (CRHR)



Centre de Recerca d'Història Rural

Plaça Ferrater Mora, 1
17071 Girona

Tel. 972 41 89 45
Fax: 972 41 82 30



The Centre for Rural History Research (CRHR), currently affiliated with the Institute of Historical Research, has specialised since 1993 in the study of the history of rural societies, a field of investigation that has enjoyed a long tradition of recognised prestige at both the national and international levels.

This specialisation in rural history was made possible by the richness of the Girona region in terms of suitable archival material for studies in this field, and out of the need to optimise available human and material resources by focusing them on a specific area of research.

Specialisation also lends itself to a more coherent programming of seminars, conferences, colloquia and publications to support research activity in the Centre and provide a channel for the dissemination of the results obtained.

The lines of research currently pursued at the Centre for Rural History Research are focused on the following topics:

  • Property rights and the ways peasants worked the land (12th-20th centuries). Study of the social relations established with regard to land and water property rights, their transformation and related social mobility processes.
  • Environmental conditions and agricultural development (14th-20th centuries). Analysis of the effect of the environmental conditions on the possibilities for technical changes in Mediterranean agricultural practices, especially Catalan practices.
  • Landscape and social memory (14th-20th century). Study of the conversion, throughout history, of the natural environment into a cultural environment, with special emphasis on the relationship between landscape, geopolitics and nations, on paternalism and on other places of memory in traditional rural society.

Coordinator of the CRHR: Xavier Torres Sans