Master’s in Economic Analysis of Public Policies





The efficient provision of public services is an important and permanent goal of democratic societies. There is a need to improve public sector performance in developing countries faced with severe budgetary constraints, but also in developed countries especially in the current context of fiscal austerity. 

The one year Master’s in Economic Analysis of Public Policies (MEAPP) is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge so that they can make a positive and significant contribution towards this goal by correctly evaluating and designing public policy interventions. 

The MEAPP has a clear empirical or applied vocation, but also covers those theoretical principles necessary to achieve a critical and rigorous analysis.

This Master's degree will be of interest to those wishing to follow careers in government agencies, NGOs and private consulting firms concerned with the provision of public services. These agencies, organizations and businesses may be located in countries with different levels of development and may act internationally, nationally, regionally or locally. 

Moreover, the rigorous nature of the MEAPP provides a solid foundation to those of its graduates who are interested in exploring the economic analysis of public policy through a doctoral thesis.


“The offer of programmes with an analogous mix of basic and applied courses is relatively scarce. Nonetheless, the demand for such programmes is high and growing, especially in the current situation where government administrations in Europe are facing tremendous reform challenges and a need to find effective solutions. Overall, I strongly support this initiative and I am confident it will provide a tangible contribution to the improvement of policy making in Europe.” 

Alessandro Turrini, Head, Labour Market Reforms Unit, DG ECFIN, European Commission.