Màster en Canvi ambiental: anàlisi i gestió

Master's in Environmental Change



Dra. Mita Castañer


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Coordinadors d'estudi

Dr. Pere Pons


Dr. Josep-A. González




Campus Montilivi

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17071 Girona

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Master's in Environmental Change: Analysis and Management

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The Master’s in Environmental Change: Analysis and Management is intended for university graduates who wish to specialise as professional analysts and managers of environmental problems, in private industry or public institutions and organisations.

The programme focuses on training professionals and researchers and aims to broaden the scientific, methodological and technical knowledge they need to analyse, diagnose and manage environmental change. The curriculum of the master’s programme is focused on achieving the following three objectives:

- Acquiring basic knowledge to analyse, diagnose and manage global environmental change.

- Acquiring basic knowledge to mitigate the impacts on society and the environment.

- Develop the skills, abilities and knowledge of instruments needed to respond to the problems created by environmental change and to facilitate adaptation to it.

Likewise, the master’s programme aims to provide training in different scientific approaches to the study of climate change, and to apply them to the management of specific environmental changes on local and regional scales. It also seeks to identify adaptation processes and instruments for sustainable management based on the evaluation of adaptive strategies.



Download the basic information:

pdf  Student's guide

pdf  A master's degree to professionalize

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  • Organizer: Institut de Medi Ambient.
  • Academic Secretary: Faculty of Sciences.
  • Faculties where the lessons will be done: Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts and School of Engineering.
  • Number of credits: 60 ECTS credits.
  • Modality: Classroom.
  • Duration: 1 academic year.
  • Period of teaching classes: from October to June, with evening hours.
  • Study regime: full time.
  • Language: Catalan 50% Spanish 50%. Some lectures are taught in English 10%. Some readings in English
  • Number of places: 40.
  • Price course 2015/16: preregistration: 30.21€. Registration: 46.11€/credit first registration and 65.87€/credit second and subsequent registration. Citizens of countries outside the European Union, non-residents to Spain: 65.87€/credit.

Educational objectives

The Master aims to train competent professionals in the analysis, diagnosis and management of environmental change, through the approximation in scientific, methodological and technical knowledge needed.

Relevance will be given to climate change, which is the main value of global environmental change, and especially, to the mitigation of impacts and adaptation of the environment and society, due to integrated models that facilitate the environmental, economic and social sustainability



Students in possession of a degree in Environmental Sciences, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Economics, Sociology, Architecture, Industrial Engineering or Agricultural and Forestry are valued and achieved training with other degrees scientific, technical and social sciences fields. In these cases, it may require some additional training.


Access Requirements

They can access the master people with:

  • A university degree.
  • A bachelor's degree, engineering or architecture, or a university diploma, technical engineering or technical architecture, with the conditions of admission to determine the University of Girona.
  • A foreign university degree. Interested persons may access the Master provided they obtain prior approval.

Degree obtained

Official diploma of “Master in Environmental Change: Analysis and Management” from the University of Girona. It is a qualification recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) and the Spanish Government. It is valid for the member countries of European Higher Education Area (EHEA).


Access to PhD

Overcoming this Master enables access to period of a doctoral program. In this case, the Master belongs to the Doctoral Program in Environment. For more information, see the website of the Doctoral School of UdG.



For the Master's degree is required to approve all of the subjects (60 credits). Appraisal procedures vary depending on the subject, but in general, a continuous assessing, with the development of practical, exercises, assignments, reports, projects and exams are performed.



Master subjects are face, so that the assistance is needed by the student to make adequate progress in their training.



For more information, contact with the director of the Master, Mita Castañer