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Dra. Maria Luisa Garcia-Romeu de Luna


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BITM student » Academic course 2007-2008-2009

I am Business Developer and Project Manager at Computer Vision and Robotics Research Institute at the University of Girona. I decided to join the BITM programme back in 2007 when I was working as a commercial promoter for a big multinational company. I enrolled the masters with the main aim of improving my general knowledge, but, it turned out that I discovered a full set of new job profiles which attracted me more than what I was doing. Currently, at work, I deal with technology management daily and the knowledge acquired in BITM continues to be essential.
 Joseta Roca


BITM student » Academic course 2009-2010

I decided to study the BITM programme because as a new responsibility in my job, I had to start an innovation program in Vocational Education and Training. I’m a Mechanical Engineer and the BITM was a great complement to my knowledge to manage the new innovation programme in VET. Today the innovation program in VET is running and growing over expectations. In addition I decided to start a career as an Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship consultant . Coursing the master in English, and together with great mates and teachers, were extra advantages of choosing the BITM. 


BITM student » Academic course 2009-2010

I am currently working as a Sales Manager in a company where we design and implement projects both electrical and mechanical installations. I studied Business Administration and did a Master in Marketing. With the Master in BITM I managed to study Marketing from a difefernt business perspective, obviously from the point of view of production. I learned the different ways of organize the production, also I have increased my knowledge of new technologies. In addition you get a significant level of English. It was a great experience to learn from the younger generation.



BITM student » Academic course 2010-2011

Vaig fer el BITM perque buscava un màster per recuperar, ampliar i consolidar coneixements introduits a la carrera d'Enginyeria Industrial i relacionats amb la gestiíó de la R+D+i i que, a més, fos un màster reconegut (homologat) pel sistema educadiu europeu. Del màster, a part del contingut en si, vaig valorar que fos majoritariament en anglès, aixi com la bona qualitficació del professorat. Em va permetre aconseguir el que buscava a més d'aprendre conceptes nous dins l'area de recerca, desenvolupament i innovació que vaig poder portar a la pràctica en la gestió de projectes i que també m'han servit durant la meva carrera professional.



BITM student Academic course 2011-2012-2013

I’m an architect, currently member of 2SIS Arquitectes. I decided to study the BITM programme because I wanted to acquire knowledge in the field of Business in order to apply it to my discipline and also to improve my skills on Technology Management. Nowadays architects have to reinvent our job and the BITM master’s programme has given me a really new and differentiated professional profile.
Ernest Bofill 


BITM student » Academic course 2011/2012

I’m currently Student Developer UX at Sitecore. I choose BITM because I wanted to add marketing and business skills to my Computer Science background. I especially enjoyed marketing courses and I value the group work experience a lot.


BITM student » Academic course 2011/2012

I am currently PhD Candidate at University of Girona. I'm Computer Scientist and in the BITM Master degree I learned about the non-technical, rather business perspective. I learned about innovation, business, and different technologies. I met several people around the world and I improved my English. It helped to me to acquire a broader view of the entire complexity (organisational, technical, etc) within a company.

Jose Antonio


BITM student » Academic course 2011/2012 

Now, I am lecturer of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Atma Jaya Catholic University Jakarta (Indonesia). In BITM course, I got so many things more than I expected. Not only academically but also personally. I learned business, marketing as well as innovation and technologies. It is a multidisciplinary oriented. Also not to forget, I met so many friends around the world that have broadened my knowledge and insights. BITM contributed much to my career path. Today, I choose tourism management as my work path where this sector is very promising economically. The course I learned in BITM, both side business innovation and technology management, has helped me to improve my professional profile.


BITM student » Academic course 2011/2012

I chose BITM at University of Girona as an Erasmus student from Denmark. My desire was to come to Spain to get to know a little part of this culture and this master programme was the most interesting for me. The academic structure of the courses was very well explained since the semester started. What I mostly appreciated was that I applied all the knowledge acquired during the semester, working for a lot of individual or group assignments.  


BITM student » Academic course 2011/2012

I was coursing the Master in Technology Based Business Development in Denmark when I decided to join BITM at the UdG during one semester as an Erasmus student. I had an excellent time in Girona, a city with an ideal location of 30 km from the beach and the mountains, easy access to Barcelona and cool atmoshere in the night. The courses I had at the UdG in the BITM Master were very practical and useful for my professional life. I enjoyed classes in the company of collegues with very varied background. We mutually learned from each other. I also liked the oral exams and presentations which contributed a lot to my personal developemnt and growth.


BITM student » Academic course 2011/2012

I'm currently a PhD student at the University of Girona. As an industrial engineer I'm familiar with many physical and technical aspects of different topics, such as mechanics, electronics or manufacturing. I choose this master to complete my background and get a whole perspective of how businesses work and how to manage it in order to succeed. After finishing the master, I joint a PhD programme in technology. One of the things I enjoyed more was that most of the lectures were based in real cases analysis, where you can easily identify the real applicability of what you learn. 

BITM student » Academic course 2011/2012

I decided to join the BITM master in order to complement my background in chemical and industrial engineering with business management skills. Furthermore, it gave me the opportunity to enroll in the PhD programme in Technology focusing my PhD thesis on one of the innovative technologies taught in the master. I would like to highlight that the lectures are very dynamic and promote the participation of the students by means of oral presentations, group activities and discussions. For me it was very enriching to work with colleagues from different countries and backgrounds. 


BITM student » Academic course 2011/2012

I’m currently PhD Student at University of Girona. Nowadays, innovation is an important key factor to determine life cycle of the companies, for that reason I decided to join at BTIM program with the aim to acquire more knowledge in terms of innovation management. After finishing the course the obtained experience was very rewarding in different terms as new contribution of knowledge in different sectors of innovation, improvement on language skills and classmates relationships.


BITM student » Academic course 2011/2012

I am Mechanical Engineer, currently member of GREPP at the University of Girona. I decided to study the BITM programme (2011-2012) because I wanted to acquire knowledge in the field of technology in order to apply my knowledge and also to improve my skills on Business Management. Currently I´m finishing a PhD in Technology at the University of Girona and largely owe this achievement to my time in the master BITM. 

BITM student » Academic course 2012 - 2013 - 2014

I am currently a PhD candidate in Medical Imaging at the Computer Vision and Robotics Research Institute at the University of Girona. As an observation, it came to me that academia and industry lack of a real synergy mainly due to their ignorance of each other notably in their functioning mechanisms. My enrolment in BITM was motivated to gain experience and knowledge in the fields which were more obscure to me as innovation and business, mainly due to my previous background. In that matter, the master completely answer to my requests which open to me even more doors for my future career. Furthermore, I'm blossomed thanks to the master being taught in English within a total international atmosphere similar to my previous experience in the Erasmus Mundus studies.


BITM student » Academic course 2012/2013

Associate professor and PhD Student at University of Girona. I studied the Mechanical Engineering career at University of Girona and after that I decided to make a PhD. I needed two official Masters in order to make that. So, my second Master was BITM. I thought that it will be interesting Master where I could learn helpful tools about innovation in order to get a business success. Moreover, this Master was in English language, so it was a great opportunity to practice that. I discovered several issues about innovation. I remember a game called PRIZM GAME to generate innovation ideas. I remember that class as one of the best. It was spectacular where I learned a lot of things. In the Master, also I learned other things as how to make surveys and interviews, and analyse the results about a theme, the difference between qualitative and quantitative method, the difference between explicit and implicit knowledge and so on.


BITM student » Academic course 2012/2013

Although my previous background was related to Psychology, I studied this Master to learn from two different areas: Business and Technology. I have choosen this Master to improve my English and it overcame a great opportunity to meet international people with who I am still in contact nowadays. Thanks to BITM’s Professors, I developed a really interesting and innovative Master Thesis Topic: “Design analysis of the infrastructure needed in a village to wirelessly charge electrical vehicles”.



BITM student » Academic course 2012/2013

I studied Industrial Engineering in Quebec (Canada) and I decided to join BITM in order to complement my technical background with the business perspective. This objective was fully covered and had good times in class with colleagues from Catalonia and also international students. The Master is very practical and lots of case studies help to better understand content. I also enjoyed a lot writing my Master Thesis titled “Exploring the relations between supply chain management, green practices and innovation”.



BITM student » Academic course 2013/2014

I’m currently working as a teacher in Mechanics at La Salle Manlleu. Thanks to BITM Master I acquired Economics and Marketing knowledge useful for some personal projects related to my Industrial Design background. Furthermore, this Master opened a gate to trigger my academic career in the additive manufacturing field. I specially value the good friendship within the students group that continues nowadays.

BITM student » Academic course 2013/2014

I am working as a quality technician in a company of the chemical sector in Girona. BITM allowed me to get knowledge in the field of business and innovation and let me know more about technical aspects and technology. I think that it will be great in my future to have knowledge about economics and marketing and I have discovered the real running of a company. Finally, I have to mention that I value a lot the relationships shared with my classmates and the environment felt during the master.





BITM student » Academic course 2013/2014

Going busy in the day-to-day life working as an engineering consultant, with all the doing and actions and daily chores cannot make me lose the sign of the big picture that starts my own business to make a good impact on young people in my home country - Vietnam. Studying BITM course in Girona University is a great opportunity to make my big picture clearer and closer to the reality. The studying materials, the environment, and on the top of that the amazing people (the classmates and the professors) have had a huge and positive impact on my personal development as well as my professional life. BITM became my family which had helped me live happily and meaningfully during 1 year in Spain. I know I will go back to visit all amazing people there and even to live there one day. I will be more than happy to welcome the amazing BITM people to visit Vietnam. Thanks and best regards!


BITM student » Academic course 2013/2014

I’m currently working as a Project Manager in ViCOROB Institute at the University of Girona. I started the BITM master with the aim of gaining technological knowledge which was not familiar with and to improve both English and presentation skills. I’m happy to say that all these objectives have been achieved and I’m currently applying all the knowledge learned in my everyday life. Best experience of the master? All the visiting professors/professionals and the visits to the companies.