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Aphanius iberus (@ Lluís Zamora)
Busquem un candidat/a per aquest contracte predoctoral (FPI 2020)
Se busca candidato/a para solicitar un contrato predoctoral en el marco de la convocatoria de “Ayudas para contratos predoctorales para la formación de doctores 2020” (enlace a la convocatoria).
RecercaTesis doctorals
Biological Invasions
When a freshwater invader meets the estuary: the peacock bass and fish assemblages in the São João River, Brazil
Peacock basses (Cichla spp.) are native to the Amazon basin but introduced to different parts of the world. Almost thirty years ago, Cichla kelberi was introduced in an impoundment of the São João River, a coastal system in southeastern Brazil.
PONDERFUL: Pond Ecosystems for Resilient Future Landscapes in A Changing Climate
PONDERFUL: Pond Ecosystems for Resilient Future Landscapes in A Changing Climate
PONDERFUL is an EU project bringing 11 EU and CELAC Countries Worldwide with the aim of facilitating improved implementation of ponds and pondscapes as Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for climate change (CC) mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity conservation and delivery of ecosystem services (ES). GRECO/EcoAqua is one of the partners.
Presa de Santa Ana (CC Manuel Portero)
El canvi climàtic alterarà la distribució dels peixos de l’Ebre i afavorirà les espècies invasores
Investigadors del Grup de recerca en Ecologia aquàtica continental han modelat la distribució de 16 espècies de peixos a tota la conca de l’Ebre i la seva resposta futura al canvi climàtic
Global Change Biology
The role of connectivity in the interplay between climate change and the spread of alien fish in a large Mediterranean river
Understanding how global change and connectivity will jointly modify the distribution of riverine species is crucial for conservation biology and environmental management. However, little is known about the interaction between climate change and fragmentation and how movement barriers might impede native species from adjusting their distributions vs. limit the further spread of alien species.
Giulia Gionchetta
Giulia Gionchetta, Premi extraordinari de doctorat en Ciència i Tecnologia de l’Aigua 2019
Giulia Gionchetta ha rebut el Premi extraordinari de doctorat en Ciència i Tecnologia de l’Aigua 2019 per la seva tesi doctoral "At the edge of aquatic systems: intermittent streambed microbial communities responses to hydrological alterations" realitzada al GRECO ( i dirigida per la Dra. Anna Romaní i el Dr. Joan Artigas.
RecercaTesis doctoralsQualitat
A workflow for standardising and integrating alien species distribution data
Biodiversity data are being collected at unprecedented rates. Such data often have significant value for purposes beyond the initial reason for which they were collected, particularly when they are combined and collated with other data sources
EcoAqua busca un Promotor de de Recerca i Transferència
EcoAqua ( busca un Promotor/a de de Recerca i Transferència perquè ens ajudi durant 2 anys a obtenir projectes i contractes de R+D i ens doni suport en la divulgació i disseminació dels seus resultats de recerca.
Journal of Animal Ecology
Addressing trait selection patterns in temporary ponds in response to wildfire disturbance and seasonal succession
Mediterranean ecosystems are increasingly threatened by disturbances such as wildfires. These disturbances are expected to shift the selective pressures that determine trait‐dependent community assembly.
Giulia Gionchetta
Giulia Gionchetta rep un premi per la seva tesi doctoral desenvolupada al GRECO-IEA
Ha rebut un accèsit al "XI Premio de Investigación en Limnología para la mejor tesis doctoral del bienio 2018-2019" de la Asociación Ibérica de Limnología
RecercaTesis doctoralsQualitat
International Review of Hydrobiology
Captive breeding conditions decrease metabolic rates and alter morphological traits in the endangered Spanish toothcarp Aphanius iberus
Physiological features of species can determine the resilience and adaptation of organisms to the environment. Swimming capacity and metabolic traits are key factors for fish survival, mating and predator‐prey interactions.
MSCA Individual Fellowships Calls
Are you a researcher interested in carrying out your research in Europe? At this page you will find hosting offers (Expressions of Interest) from research institutions interested in supporting your application to the MSCA Individual Fellowships Calls,
water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) Wikimedia Commons
Red Temática sobre Invasiones Biológicas (InvaNET)
La Red Temática sobre Invasiones Biológicas (InvaNET) ya tiene web:
Podarcis waglerianus
Organization of Squamata (Reptilia) assemblages in Mediterranean archipelagos
Mediterranean islands have complex reptile assemblages, but little is known about the factors that determine their organization. In this study, the structure of assemblages of Squamata was evaluated based on their species richness and two measures of phylogenetic diversity (variability and clustering).
Microbes inhabiting intermittent streambeds
Multi‐model assessment of hydrological and environmental impacts on streambed microbes in Mediterranean catchments
Microbes inhabiting intermittent streambeds are responsible for controlling and developing many biogeochemical processes essential for the ecosystem functions. Although streambed microbiota is adapted to intermittency the intensification of water scarcity and prolonged dry periods may jeopardise their capacity to cope with hydrological changes
RecercaTesis doctorals
Arsenic Biogeochemistry
Biotic and Abiotic Factors Influencing Arsenic Biogeochemistry and Toxicity in Fluvial Ecosystems: A Review
This review is focused on the biogeochemistry of arsenic in freshwaters and, especially,
on the key role that benthic microalgae and prokaryotic communities from biofilms play together
in through speciation, distribution, and cycling.
Current Zoology
Effect of environmental enrichment on the body shape of the pumpkinseed
Effect of environmental enrichment on the body shape of the pumpkinseed
Noëlle Fabre, Anna Vila-Gispert, Cristina Galobart, Dolors Vinyoles
Current Zoology, zoaa012,
Current Zoology
Size-related effects and the influence of metabolic traits and morphology on swimming performance in fish
Energy metabolism fuels swimming and other biological processes. We compared the swimming performance and energy metabolism within and across eight freshwater fish species.
Foro Life Invasaqua
Life Invasaqua organiza el primer foro para impulsar la transferencia de conocimiento sobre especies invasoras
Transferir e intercambiar información para fomentar sinergias entre grupos clave relacionados con la gestión y manejo de las Especies Exóticas Invasoras (EEI), será el objetivo del I Foro de Transferencia de Conocimiento de Life Invasaqua que acogerá el Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN) el 18 de marzo.
Two Early Stage Researcher positions of the MSCA-ITN PRORISK at GRECO-IEA and CEAB-CSIC
The IEA at the UdG, the IFE group at the CEAB-CSIC, and the Marie Skłodowska -Curie Innovative Training Network (MSCA-ITN) project “Best chemical risk assessment professionals for maximum Ecosystem Services benefit (PRORISK)” OFFER two Early Stage Researcher (PhD Student) positions:
RecercaTesis doctorals
Reliability analysis of fish traits
Reliability analysis of fish traits reveals discrepancies among databases
Trait‐based approaches are commonly used in ecology to understand the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, environmental filtering or biotic responses to anthropogenic perturbations. However, little is known about the reliability of assigned traits and the consistency of trait information among different databases currently in use.
Investigadors de la UdG alerten que les espècies introduïdes han augmentat un 30 % en aigües continentals
Han actualitzat la llista d’espècies establertes al medi ambient, introduïdes de manera intencionada, il·legal o per accident. Han detectat 27 espècies noves però han observat un estancament o disminució en les taxes des del punt de vista global.
Alien animal introductions in Iberian inland waters
Alien animal introductions in Iberian inland waters: An update and analysis
Inland waters provide innumerable ecosystem services and for this reason are among the most negatively impacted ecosystems worldwide. This is also the case with invasive alien species, which have enormous economic and ecological impacts in freshwater ecosystems.
Amphibians of North Africa
Amphibians of North Africa
Amphibians of North Africa is a comprehensive compilation of available data on the amphibians and reptiles found in various ecosystems across North West Africa and parts of the Mediterranean region.
Resident (DNA) and active (RNA) microbial communities in fluvial biofilms
Responses of resident (DNA) and active (RNA) microbial communities in fluvial biofilms under different polluted scenarios
Pollution from human activities is a major threat to the ecological integrity of fluvial ecosystems. Microbial communities are the most abundant organisms in biofilms, and are key indicators of various pollutants.
Relationships of critical swimming speed Ucrit (a), maximal metabolic rate MMR (b) and absolute aerobic scope AAS (c) with fish mass for Spanish toothcarp, Aphanius iberus (N = 28) and mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki (N = 60).
Differences in swimming performance and energetic costs between an endangered native toothcarp (Aphanius iberus) and an invasive mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki)
Swimming performance is a key feature that mediates fitness and survival in many fish species. Using a swim tunnel respirometer, we compared prolonged swimming performance and energy use for two competing species: an endangered, endemic toothcarp (Aphanius iberus) and a worldwide invasive mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki).
Fish and Fisheries
Effective monitoring of freshwater fish
Freshwater ecosystems constitute only a small fraction of the planet's water resources, yet support much of its diversity, with freshwater fish accounting for more species than birds, mammals, amphibians or reptiles. Fresh waters are, however, particularly vulnerable to anthropogenic impacts, including habitat loss, climate and land use change, pollution and biological invasions.
International Symposium for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable use of Biodiversity and Ecosystems
International Symposium for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable use of Biodiversity and Ecosystems
The International Symposium for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable use of Biodiversity and Ecosystems will take place from 12 to 14 of September 2019, in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Vídeo pesca elèctrica a la Tordera
Vídeo "Descobrim el paper bioindicador dels peixos com a bioindicadors: pesca elèctrica a la Tordera"
Vídeo de la sortida guiada "Descobrim el paper bioindicador dels peixos com a bioindicadors: pesca elèctrica a la Tordera", amb el guiatge especialitzat del Dr. Emili Garcia-Berthou (investigador del GRECO-IEA i de la línea d'ictiofauna de l'Observatori) i la col.laboració d'investigadors del GRECO-IEA (UdG) i estudiants de la UdG.
Honoris Causa UdG
El químic Evert Jan Baerends i el biòleg Sovan Lek seran investits doctors honoris causa de la UdG
L’acte acadèmic tindrà lloc el 9 de maig a l’Aula Magna de la Facultat de Ciències i serà presidit pel rector de la Universitat de Girona, Quim Salvi.

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