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Laboratori d'Ictiologia Genètica (LIG)




Laboratori d'Ictiologia Genètica

Departament de Biologia

Facultat de Ciències

Campus de Montilivi s/n


Tel. +34 972418961

Fax. +34 972418277




LIGThe past and ongoing research of the group has been focused on the study of fish populations, both freshwater and marine, through the knowledge of their population structure obtained by genetic analysis. Nowadays, we are working on DNA by direct sequencing of the PCR amplified regions of mtDNA genes as well as in microsatellite and SNPs loci. Knowledge of the population structure provides a useful tool for fishery management and contributes to the clarification of the dichotomy between stocks and biological populations. Moreover, genetic studies are useful to estimate the genetic resources within and among populations, providing good baselines to conservation programs. Currently we are applying our know-how to the preservation of diversity beyond fish species.