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Laboratory of Landscape Analysis and Management


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Laboratory of Landscape Analysis and Management
University of Girona
Facultat de Lletres
Department of Geography
Pl. Ferrater Mora, 1
17071 Girona

+34 972418999
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E-mail dir.lagp@udg.edu

Landscape Analysis and Management Laboratory


Research Team Reputed by the Government of Catalonia (2009 SGR 457)

The Landscape Analysis and Management Laboratory (LAGP) is dedicated to research in the areas of landscape studies. Our research is carried out jointly with the Unit of Geography and Territorial Thinking (Cátedra de Geografía y Pensamiento Territorial) and the Environmental Studies Institute, both also of the University of Girona.

LAGP's centers its activities in landscape studies by means of field-leading high quality research at a national or international scale. Our lines of investigation are articulated around the production of new knowledge and analytical methodologies, aiming for improved landscape management and regional planning. Human image and perception of the landscape also play an important role in our research.

Our research deals mainly with a variety of Mediterranean landscapes such as agrarian, forest, urban, and periurban landscapes.  We also examine landscapes recently developed by regional dynamics such as hybrid landscapes, rururban landscapes, landscapes associated to infrastructure, industrial landscapes, and tourist landscapes. Our research also deals with specific landscapes that have very clearly different physical and socioeconomic characteristics: coastal and mountainous landscapes.  Within the LAGP, we make wide use of the following techniques and methodologies:


  • Characterization and valuation of the landscape mosaic using regional analysis and Landscape Ecology.
  • Use and implementation of Geographic Information Systems in the analysis of landscapes: identification of landscape units, analysis of biophysical and socioeconomic factors, and landscape valuation.
  • Construction of digital thematic cartography related to landscape and related topics (such as landscape units, landscape value, landscape quality, planning of the territory, land use and land covers, etc.)
  • Landscape quality objectives definition.
  • Design of measures and proposals for a sustainable landscape planning.